Our Standards of Practice


Ryan Kern Douglas Sparks, Consumer Protection BC License – March 2021

Home Inspection Contract (DOC)
Home Inspection Contract (PDF)

Let’s Look At Some Facts

All home inspections are visual and not technically exhaustive (like what Mike Holmes can do on TV with a sledgehammer!) so the Standards & Contract will explain clearly what your CheckHouse Inspector will do.

So What Will CheckHouse Do For My Inspection?

Our contract states that we are limited to an amount of $50,000 should an issue arise after the inspection. This is, of course, a much more reasonable amount than limiting liability to the cost of the inspection!

Your Inspector Will NOT Be Filling In a ‘Check List Form’

Doing this allows a home inspector to complete his work quickly & move onto another job. There is very little room for written comments in a ‘check list’ form and often many disclaimers limiting the home purchaser if something goes wrong.

The contract you sign with other inspectors may also be limited to the amount you paid for your inspection.

A typical home inspection is a house up to 2500 sq. ft. in size. Your initial inspection will take 3 to 4 hours to complete and another 2 to 3 hours to research & compile your written report. CheckHouse Home Inspectors will take approximately 200 pictures. About 30 to 40 pictures will be included in your written report. The rest are available to you and will be kept on file for 2 years.

What Does A Report Look Like?

CheckHouse reports are 20 – 40 pages long and include an Executive Summary, Exterior, Roof & Chimneys, Structure, Interior, Heating Systems, Electrical and Plumbing sections. This is a report specific to your property. No two reports are the same. There is no ‘preset form’ that we complete.

We will not offer you generic information on home maintenance to make your report seem ‘fuller’.

We will not give you some generic content as to what the various parts of a house should do.

If there is an issue we will explain what that particular system does in your home and what the consequences of it might be to you.

CheckHouse Inspectors finish by meeting with you & walking through the home together. They will answer your questions and explain what was found.

You will receive hundreds of photos, an electronic and a hard written copy of your report within 24 hours.

This information is not shared with anyone else and shows clearly what was observed at the time of the inspection.

Why Do I NOT Accompany The Inspector On the Initial Inspection?

The initial 3-4 hours is when the Home Inspector thoroughly examines the home. It is a systematic process with no distractions. The Home Inspector will meet with you and do a  walk-through AFTER they spent that time inspecting the property.

Will You Tell Us Not To Buy The House?

No. You will have all the information you need from the CheckHouse Inspection and Written Report to make a qualified decision if the property is right for you.