Our Qualifications

CheckHouse Home Inspectors are certified home inspectors.

“We feel that by completing the most stringent Home Inspection training program available in BC, offered through Okanagan College, we are well poised for any industry improvements and look forward to new regulations.”

CheckHouse Home Inspectors have received:

  • 238 hour theory program with better than 80% average
  • rigorous mentor & assessment training
  • continuing audits/inspection assessments after certification
  • continuing professional development after certification

Other home inspection organizations in BC offer a trademarked ‘registration number’ to their home inspectors and they offer their own ‘in-house’ qualifying exams.

We are also members in good standing of:

  • Kamloops Chamber of Commerce.

Did you know…

The Training and Qualifications of Home Inspectors in BC has become such a concern that on June 10, 2013 Christy Clark, Premier of BC asked Rich Coleman, Minister of Housing to ‘implement a new home-inspector accreditation system to ensure consumers buying a home can be assured that their inspector is qualified and trained to help them purchase the largest investment in their lives.’ The Globe & Mail Monday, July 8, 2013