Frequently Asked Questions
Why Use CheckHouse Home Inspections?
  • The Pre-Purchase Inspection will reveal flaws in the home that you would request the seller repair or compensate you for BEFORE the sale completes.
  • The Pre-Listing Inspection reveals flaws in your own home that you can address BEFORE listing it for sale.
  • The New Build Report monitors and documents your new build. As the various stages are completed we will inspect, document and review the progress with you. At the end of the project, you will have a complete report with photos showing the quality of the construction process from a qualified Home Inspector. Having this report adds value to a future sale. Purchasers always wonder about the quality of the build and what is (or is not!) behind the walls.
  • The Maintenance Inspection includes a walk-through and suggestions to keep your home in good repair. Over time components wear out or require additional maintenance. Protect your investment.
How much liability insurance does CheckHouse offer me?
Our contract states that we are limited to an amount of $50,000 should an issue arise after the inspection. Currently other home inspectors may limit their liability to the cost of the inspection should an issue arise.
How much does a CheckHouse inspection cost?
Fees range from $400.00 plus GST and up. Some factors will affect the fee. If you are comparing CheckHouse to other home inspection firms, the fee charged should not be the deciding factor unless the level of service offered is identical. Remember, you are considering a major purchase and your choice of home inspector should be based on getting the best value, not just the best price.
Your CheckHouse inspector will not be filling in a 'Check list'.
There is little room for written comments in a ‘check list’ form and often many disclaimers limiting the home purchaser if something goes wrong. The contract you sign with other home inspectors maybe limited to the amount you paid for your inspection.
How long does a CheckHouse home inspection take?
A typical inspection should take 3 hours + a walk-through with you at the end. The actual time it takes to inspect a home can vary given the current condition and size of the home, and the accessibility of the homes systems.
What does CheckHouse look at?
We inspect the major systems of the house. These include the Roof, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Insulation, and Interior. Our goal is to identify any existing major problems that would affect your decision to purchase the home.
What does CheckHouse include in the fee?
  • Complete home inspection conducted by a licensed and certified professional.
  • $50,000 Limited Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive home inspection report.
  • RecallChek on all appliances. Serial and Model numbers will be taken and checked for recalls and will continue to be checked every month for free
What does the CheckHouse report look like?
CheckHouse reports are 20 – 40 pages long with approximately 30 – 40 pictures, and includes an Executive Summary, Exterior, Roof & Flashings, Structure, Interior, Heating Systems, Electrical, and Plumbing Sections.

This report will be specific to your property. No two reports are the same. There is no preset tick-box form we complete. Every report is unique.

We will not offer you generic information on home maintenance to make your report seem “fuller”.

Will you tell us not to buy the house?
No. You will have all the information you need from the CheckHouse Inspection and Written Report to make a qualified decision if the property is right for you.
How much notice do I need to give CheckHouse?
CheckHouse inspectors are ready to serve you quickly.